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ROAD RATTLER – Jim Mitchell's 1969 Plymouth Road Runner. Look for a feature on this car in the March 2012 issue of Hot Rod Magazine.

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Road Rattler Revealed to Public on December 8 in Conjunction with IMIS Show in Indy



The division of Spitzer Enterprises that specializes in building Street Rods, Pro Touring machines and Resto-Mod cars is called Spitzer Concepts. And it has the capabilities to bring concepts to completion.

Most of these projects start with an idea that is nurtured and evolves into a 4-wheeled manifestation of a dream.

A case in point is the “Road Rattler” 1969 Plymouth Road Runner owned by Jim Mitchell. When Jim first got the car his goals were fairly simple. But he got to thinking “what if?” and the rest, they say, is history —that’s been captured in the pages of Hot Rod magazine and showcased at the prestigious SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Mike and Jim collaborated on what the Plymouth’s ultimate “look” and performance parameters would be, and the build team at Spitzer Concepts set about making it happen. Noted illustrator Eric Brockmeyer created a set of renderings that became a cornerstone of the project. But the real work was in designing and building everything underneath the sleek body. This included extensive computer modeling of the chassis and independent front and rear suspension to develop optimum handling, with a full roll cage designed to provide chassis reinforcement and added safety.

Over time, the “Road Rattler” took shape, with custom carbon fiber body and interior panels coming out of the Spitzer Composites shop, a plethora of CNC machined billet aluminum trim parts designed to replace factory trim.

The creation of the “Road Ratter” was a monumental project that took several years to complete. But it’s a good example of what can happen when an enthusiast like Jim Mitchell says “Go for it!

Another example is the “Indy Boat-Tail” roadster that was featured in Street Rodder magazine. It started life as a Thom Taylor illustration, underwent extensive computer design and engineering, and came to life with a unique body that was built in the Spitzer Composites shop. The car was totally created in-house, from the suspension to the paint job. It’s a Goodguys award-winner that’s also been displayed at the SEMA Show.

Spitzer Concepts currently has a half-dozen projects in the works, including a Pro Touring style 1950 Chevy, a couple of Tri-5 Chevys, a radical tube-chassied 1938 Ford pickup with independent suspension, a Rambler station wagon and a “T” track roadster. From “mild to wild” aptly describes the range of vehicles.

While the Spitzer facilities are quite impressive, you won’t find any reality TV crews filming guys covered with tattoos throwing tantrums. The build team is a hard-working, conscientious group of dedicated craftsmen who enjoy their work. Moreover, they work hand-in-hand with Spitzer’s race car shop, where cutting edge engineering, performance and safety are of paramount importance.

To be sure, the team at Spitzer Concepts is eminently qualified to bring your concepts to completion!

Jim Mitchell's "Road Rattler" Plymouth was conceptualized in this Eric Brockmeyer illustration then "brought to life" by Spitzer  Concepts.

The "Indy Boat Tail" roadster was inspired by this Thom Taylor drawing, then engineered and built entirely by the Spitzer Concepts team.

Eric Brockmeyer's illustration shows the ultimate look of this chopped '50 Chevy sedan, which is currently under construction at Spitzer Concepts.

Here's the conceptual rendering that Thom Taylor made of Paul Romine's outrageous Viper V10-powered '34 Ford Coupe and the finished product.

One of Spitzer's strong suits is developing special front and rear suspensions. Here are some examples of custom A-arm front ends, Spitzer's unique "IndyCar" setup with inboard coil-overs, rocker arms and pushrods, plus an independent rear suspension with a quick-change.

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